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Author: Ruskin Bond
The stories in this collection capture the essence of the Indian Railways - from the small-town station, at the time of the Raj, to the present day big-city station bursting at the seams. The teening and varied life of the Indian Railway station and its environs have fascinated writers from Jules Ve
Author: Guy Boothby
This book is introduced by Mark Valentine. Dr Nikola - Victorian master criminal. Elegant, ruthless, hypnotic: enter Dr Nikola and his black cat Apollyon. He was the world's first master villain, a Victorian forerunner of Dr Fu Manchu and the mad cat-stroking evil genius Blofeld in the James Bond bo
Rudyard Kipling’s eternal classics, The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book are most loved for the stories of Mowgli, the boy who grew up in a wolf pack. This book brings together all the stories of Mowgli. It begins with Father Wolf rescuing an abandoned baby boy from the tiger Shere Khan, ter
Here in this omnibus edition is a collection of the best among Rudyard Kipling's humorous tales for children. They bear proof of Kipling's mastery over prose and lead the little readers to a realm of laughter and amusement, with a dig at this world of pomp and strife.