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Author: Agatha Christie
When a bored diplomat is approached in a bleak aiport by a woman whose life is in danger, his interest is aroused. In a moment of weakness, he agrees to lend her his passport and boarding ticket. Suddenly, his own life is on the line as he enters a web of international intrigue.
Author: Louis L'Amour
He's a two-fisted American adventurer and veteran of a hundred waterfront brawls. He's "Ponga Jim" Mayo, and he minds his own business and leaves international intrigue to others. But, as master of his own tramp freighter, trouble seeks him out as he navigates the treacherous East Indian seas from
Author: Linda Howard
When Sarah Stevens, butler and bodyguard extraordinaire, foils a robbery, she could not have predicted either the tragic chain of events that would be set in motion or detective Thomas Cahill, who responded to the first crime scene. Sarah intrigued, attracted, and aroused him, but his first marriage
Author: Sandra Brown
Maris Matherly-Reed is one of New York's most respected editors working for her father's firm Matherly Press. Matherly Press is very much a family concern: her father owns the company, her husband is President and publisher. Maris herself is an Executive Vice-President but she still enjoys the thril
Author: Johanna Lindsey
The year is 1152 and, as a woman, Lady Rowena Belleme has no rights. Her evil stepbrother, Gilbert d'Ambray, desires control over as much English land as possible and has pledged Rowena's hand to Lyons of Kirkburough-a man so near death he is a walking corpse. Rowena at first refuses, but Gilbert th
Author: Jack Higgins
In 1962, a brilliant scientist becomes the key to the superpower space race--and the object of a worldwide manhunt. A maelstrom of Cold War intrigue and espionage,
Author: Minette Walters
Convicted of the brutal axe murders of her mother and sister, Olive Martin spends her days in prison carving tiny human figures out of wax. Rosalind Leigh is a best-selling author whose publisher jolts her out of writer's block by telling her to research a book about Olive and the murders, or else.
Author: David Eddings
New cover reissue of Book One of the classic ELENIUM series introducing the Pandion Knight Sparhawk and his horse Faron, a sleeping queen, and a jewel that can save her! After a long spell of exile, Sparhawk, Pandion Knight and the Queen's champion, returns to his native land to find it overrun wit
Author: Morris West
Mike McCreary was an oil man out of a job. When offered a breathtaking salary for a drilling operation on a remote island, he thought his Irish luck was with him. Then he met Lisette, and within 24 hours was involved in murder, intrigue and international fraud.
The Tenth Commandment is a masterpiece of murder and intrigue, featuring a detective's hunt for a team of killers who've turned religion into a racket for revenge.
Author: Sally Beauman
A mysterious new drug called White Dove, and the evil figure who dispenses it - an equally mysterious young man known only as Star - are at the heart of this hypermodern novel set behind the closed doors of the glitterati all across Europe. Deeply involved in the intrigue are fashion designer and no
Author: Parnell Hall
Stanley Hastings is just a guy who can't say "no." When Sgt. William MacAuliff of the NYPD asks a favor, Stanley's obliging nature catapults him into a web of intrigue that is pure entertainment for the reader. In Hall's third novel (after Murder ) featuring the reluctant amateur sleuth, Stanley's j
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Successful novelist Miss Amanda Briars buys herself a scandalous present to celebrate her 30th birthday in Lisa Kleypas's Suddenly You. Gently bred, unwed and still a virgin, she contracts with a well-known madam to deliver a lover to her home. When handsome publisher Jack Devlin knocks on her door,
Author: Georgette Heyer
The young Duke of Sale has a rebellious spirit, and when he hears of Belinda, the beautiful foundling who appears to be blackmailing his cousin, he absconds with glee - only to be plunged into a frenzy of intrigue, kidnap and adventure.
Author: Judith Michael
A novel set in the USA and featuring three lives which are bound together in a dangerous dance of love, intrigue, revenge and murder. The characters are a rich and pampered beauty, a wealthy TV mogul and a ruthless career woman.
Author: Len Deighton
A very welcome return for British agent Bernard Samson, hero of Berlin Game, Mexico Set, and London Match (1983-85). In this equally masterful first volume of a new trilogy, Samson, as affably sardonic as ever, sniffs out an apparent financial swindle within the Service that puts him head to head wi
Author: Steve Berry
Ex-U.S. Justice Department agent Cotton Malone is intrigued when he sees a purse snatcher fling himself from a Copenhagen tower to avoid capture, slitting his own throat on the way down for good measure. Further snooping introduces him to the medieval religious order of the Knights Templar and the f
Author: Simon Singh

The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography From the best-selling author of Fermat's Last Theorem, The Code Book is a history of man's urge to uncover the secrets of codes, from Egyptian puzzles to modern day computer encryptions. As in Fermat's La
Author: Elizabeth Adler
An emerald from an aristocratic Russian family tiara, missing since the Bolshevik Revolution, turns up in Geneva and provides the key to an international cat-and-mouse game of intrigue and espionage. Filled with vivid descriptions of characters and places, the book is at once a love story, a mystery
Author: Ben Bova
Jamie Waterman, a Native American geologist, is chosen at the last minute for the first manned exploration of the planet Mars. On touchdown, he is so overwhelmed with the emotion of the moment that he utters a Navajo phrase instead of the political statement he is supposed to read. This sets off a c
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