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Author: Amitabha Bagchi
Above Average is the story of a middle-class Delhi boy with an aptitude for science and math but a yearning to be the drummer of a rock band. Both of which necessitate his admission to the premier engineering college of India: IIT. So, in keeping with his high grades and all that is expected of him,
Novel set in the context of the changing Indian IIT world, funy, but also insightful concerning Indian culture and modernization. excellent reviews. soon to be made into a major movie
As a brilliant young boy Pankaj never imagines that he will ever be swamped with problems. Life with his friends Motu and Priya is fun. Always destined to go to IIT, a cruel accident makes him end up in a place he had never heard of before, Volgograd a Russian City of Heroes, so-called for its role
Of Wooing, Woes, and Wanderings is entertaining, fluid, and sensitive. Chatterjee explores the love-life and profession of an Indian oilman in the bleakness of oil rigs in the world, a little-explored theme so far.

Amitabha Chatterjee was educated at IIT Delhi to be an electrical engineer, bu
‘Student are like Potatoes.... Only the finest of us will get made into Chips!’

When Aman Malhotra is made to Change Schools, he Knows that his goose is well and truly cooked. From the easygoing, Friendly atmosphere of his old school, he is thrust into the big, bad world of st xavier’s
Owing to parental pressure, Samir starts seriously studying for the High School Board exams – to get good marks for admission into DPS.&newline;&newline;DPS – A school of a supposed “brand value” and a high “public perception”, famous for things good and BAD alike!&newline;&newline;From
Author: Anurag Garg
Have you ever: Been a prey to love at first sight? Proposed your girl after boozing and fainted before knowing her answer? Went to your first date with an empty wallet? Got caught kissing your girl by none other than her father? Risked your IIT exam 'to meet her for the last time'? Well, if