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Author: Iris Johansen
Melissa Riley arrives at her sister's isolated Virginia country home to find herself plunged into a deadly drama. There the renowned Dr. Jessica Riley is attempting to draw the daughter of the President of the United States out of a severe catatonic trauma. The last thing young Cassie Andreas saw wa
Author: Nora Roberts
Second novel in a dramatic trilogy of three men who return home to honor their father's last wish--to care for Seth, a troubled boy in need of a family.
Author: Johanna Lindsey
The Present: The love story that began the Mallory dynasty. Miracles have been known to happen in this season of peace and giving and love, as this dramatic story of a mysterious exotic gypsy that became the bride of a duke shows.
Home for the Holidays: A treasured gift of love, tenderness, and e
Author: Danielle Steel
Beautiful, brainy lawyer Allegra Steinberg's life is one drama after another--once she gets rid of her boyfriend, philandering dullard Brandon Edwards. Her clients are superstar musicians and actors who phone her at 2 a.m. because they've fallen in love or gotten arrested or think they're being stal
Author: Danielle Steel
Sasha is a high-powered gallery owner, and Liam is a feckless artist. Recently widowed, Sasha, who is nine years older than Liam, is staid, conservative, and bound by tradition. Liam is married (unhappily), manic, and a pronounced nonconformist. While Sasha has been busy building her father's Parisi
Author: Erich Segal
A powerful and moving saga of five extraordinary members of the Harvard class of 1958 and the women with whom their lives are intertwined. Their explosive story begins in a time of innocence and spans a turbulent quarter century, culminating in their dramatic twenty-five reunion at which they confr
Author: Mitch Albom
Part melodrama and part parable, Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven weaves together three stories, all told about the same man: 83-year-old Eddie, the head maintenance person at Ruby Point Amusement Park. As the novel opens, readers are told that Eddie, unsuspecting, is only minutes aw
The story of a massive oil-rig, the Seawitch, and its ruthless billionaire owner Lord Worth. Worth cares for nothing and no-one except his two high-spirited daughters. When he humiliates John Cronkite, oilman and troubleshooter, the scene is set for a high-action drama of revenge.
Author: John Lescroart
Lescroart starts slowly and takes too much time building reader interest in this latest addition to his acclaimed San Francisco legal suspense series featuring lawyer Dismas Hardy and cop pal Abe Glitsky (The First Law, The Oath, The Hearing). Dismas is firmly ensconced at the top of his flourishing
Author: Leon Uris
In Queen's Bench Courtroom Number Seven, famous author Abraham Cady stands trial. In his book The Holocaust --born of the terrible revelation that the Jadwiga Concentration camp was the site of his family's extermination--Cady shook the consciousness of the human race. He also named eminent surgeon
Author: Len Deighton
Now on the shadowy East-West battlefield of Mexico City. British intelligence agent Bernard Samson must entice his opposite number, a disaffected KGB major, to take the final, dramatic step -- and defect.

But the price of one Russian's freedom must be paid in blood -- blood that Samson unexpe
Author: Iris Johansen
Search-and-rescue worker Sarah Patrick and Monty, her talented golden retriever, take center stage in this deft, suspenseful outing. The immensely appealing heroine was introduced as a secondary character in Iris Johansen's previous thriller The Killing Game. Back, too, is John Logan from Face of De
Author: Anton Chekhov
Chekhov's lyrical plays and uproarious farces continue to entertain theatergoers nearly a century after he wrote them. From his early work The Seagull --a depiction of estranged love and thwarted passion that became a great success Stanislavsky's Moscow Art Theater--to his last, The Cherry Orchard
In the early 22nd century, an enormous asteroid is discovered to be on a collision course with the Earth. Humanity, however, is not unprepared, having become an experienced spacefaring race with outposts throughout the solar system. A spaceship, the Goliath , built decades earlier for just such an e
Author: Carolyn Keene
After Bess lands a promising role in a murder mystery play, Nancy begins to suspect that her friend is in danger when a real-life drama begins mimicking the play plot and every member of the cast becomes a suspect.
Author: LaVyrle Spencer
Good pacing, vivid dramatization and strong characterization enliven Spencer's latest work of escapist fiction. When handsome kitchen hand and boat builder Jens Harken audaciously offers to build his employer a regatta-winning yacht, he draws the attention of the master's daughter. Budding beauty Lo
Author: Timeri Murari
Following The Imperial Agent , Murari here concludes his dramatically imagined sequel to Kipling's Kim , disclosing the tragic human cost of the Raj during its closing years. He deftly makes the earlier tale readily accessible to those unacquainted with Kim, introducing its many characters and addin
Author: Anita Desai
From Publishers Weekly
Like the recent film Lost in Translation, Desai's new novel tells of an American adrift in a foreign culture that remains frustratingly inscrutable. Eric is a New England-born graduate student in history at Harvard who follows his scientist girlfriend, Em, on a research tri
Author: Shena Mackay
The Orchard on Fire is a concise, domestic novel set in the village of Stonebridge, where the parents of April Harlency have come in 1953 to run the local tea shop. April's private reveries and her entanglement with the grim family life of her best friend, Ruby Richards, fill up a vivid and dramatic
Author: Evelyn Anthony
The marriage of Boston debutante Alice Holmes Fry and Hugo Vandekar, in 1934, is marred by her averson to sex. They purchase a magnificent estate called Ashdown, where Alice gives birth to Fern, a child she shuns. During World War II, Ashdown is temporarily converted into a convalescent home for off
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