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Five women and one man meet periodically to discuss the work of (arguably) the greatest novelist in English. Six people, one for each Jane Austen title. It is California, a hot summer in the Central Valley early in the 21st century, and these are ordinary people, neither happy nor unhappy, but each
Author: Wendy Holden
A stunning collection of stories from twenty-two bestselling women's fiction writers.
In collaboration with "Woman and Home" magazine and Breast Cancer Care of Britain, twenty-two best-loved women's fiction authors have generously donated their fiction for an unmissable collection of stories. The
Author: Ben Weider
The history books say that Napoleon died of natural causes. Napoleon himself, expiring at 51 after a lifetime of robust health, suspected otherwise and ordered a thorough autopsy. His suspicions were well-founded. So clever was the crime, however, that until recent developments in forensic science,
"Through the history of Nancy Drew, Rehak sheds light on perhaps the most successful writing franchise of all time and also the cultural and historic changes through which it passed. Grab your flashlights, girls. The mystery of Car