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Author: Louis L'amour
In this first of four classic frontier novels, Louis L'Amour adds his own special brand to the life and adventures of one of America's favorite fictional cowboys, Hopalong Cassidy. In The Rustlers of West Fork, the quick-thinking, fast-shooting cowpuncher heads west to deliver a fortune in bank note
Author: Louis L'amour
A fascinating story of Johannes Verne, a young man left to die by his vengeful grandfather, rescued by outlaws and raised in part by the Indians of the desert. Strengthened by the love of two women-Miss Nesselrode, whose mysterious past fires her ambitions for the future and Meghan, a willful young
Author: Agatha Christie
Tommy and Tuppence Beresford were restless for adventure, so when they were asked to take over Blunt's International Detective Agency, they leapt at the chance. After their triumphant recovery of a pink pearl, intriguing cases kept on coming their way.
Author: Agatha Christie
Pretty, young Anne came to London looking for adventure. In fact, adventure comes looking for her - and finds her immediately at Hyde Park Corner tube station. Anne is present on the platform when a thin man, reeking of mothballs, loses his balance and is electrocuted on the rails.
Author: Agatha Christie
Only one man has the proof that can confirm the nature of a fantastic secret weapon - a British agent named Carmichael. Unfortunately the criminal organisation responsible for the weapon's development will stop at nothing to prevent him entering Baghdad and presenting his proof to the assembled dele
Author: Agatha Christie
When Tommy & Tuppence, older, but still with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and justice, visit an elderly aunt in her gothic nursing home, they think nothing of her mistrust of the doctors: after all she is elderly and has always been a difficult woman.But when Mrs Lockett mentioned a poisoned
Author: Louis L'amour
The author of Trouble Shooter presents an entertaining selection of short stories, anecdotes, and vignettes about adventure on the high seas, journeys to exotic locales, war-time survival, and other tales of self-discovery.
Author: Louis L'Amour
He's a two-fisted American adventurer and veteran of a hundred waterfront brawls. He's "Ponga Jim" Mayo, and he minds his own business and leaves international intrigue to others. But, as master of his own tramp freighter, trouble seeks him out as he navigates the treacherous East Indian seas from
Author: Louis L'amour
A word from Louis L'Amour:

"Almost forty years ago, when my fiction was being published exclusively in 'pulp' western magazines, I wrote several novel-length stories, which my editors called 'magazine novels'. In creating them, I became so involved with my characters that their lives were st
As students at the prestigious Anya Sedgwick School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Alexandra Gordon, Kay Lenox, Jessica Pierce and Maria Franconi share the challenges and excitement of developing their artistic talents to the fullest under Sedgwick's caring and demanding guidance. But once best friend
Author: Jack Higgins
The death of a gangster draws super-spy Paul Chavasse into a breathtaking new adventure on the high seas in the latest paperback from one of the true masters of modern thriller writing, the bestselling author of Midnight Runner and The Keys of Hell. Weighted down by chain, the body of gangland boss
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
This 1940 collection of nine mostly delightful stories opens with four accounts of the misadventures of the wonderfully inept Bingo Little. Married to best-selling novelist Rosie M. Banks, Bingo strives awkwardly to find a job and then to get it back when his stuffy boss Purkiss, not without justifi
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
This adventure of the suave, but loopy, Frederick Altamont Cornwallis Twistleton, fifth Earl of Ickenham, is hilarious and quite well done.
It began four million years ago with a gleaming black monolith - an inexplicable apparition that ignited the spark of human consciousness transforming ape into man. It continued at the dawn of the twenty-first century when an identical black monolith was excavated on the moon - beginning the adventu
Author: Clive Cussler
Dirk Pitt is sent to investigate a lethal new way of speeding up diamond excavation, discovered by the head of a major diamond mining corporation. A fast-paced adventure for young adults, in which Pitt must dodge a volcano eruption and a sea serpent, amongst other dangers, in order to save the day.
Author: Alex Garland
After being attacked on the Underground, Carl awakens from a coma to a life that seems strange and unfamiliar. He arrives at his friends' house without knowing how he got there. Nor do they. He seems to be having an affair with his secretary which is exciting, but unlikely. Further unsettled by leap
Set in the Palms, a Florida retirement center, Recessional follows several residents over the course of a year as their individual narratives - humorous, moving, or sometimes triumphant - unfold. Chris Mallory reluctantly relinquishes his driver's license at the age of ninety, but refuses to hang up
Author: Clive Cussler
With this 14-week PW bestseller in cloth, Cussler delivers great fun, as his durable hero Dirk Pitt returns to save mankind from a greedy industrialist, solving some historical riddles along the way. Dirk Pitt, intrepid adventurer and master explorer, searches the Sahara for the deadly toxin that is
Author: Harold Robbins
Win Liberte is the trust-fund playboy son of a prominent jeweler whose cash flow dries up when his late father's uncle gambles away the family fortune. After breaking off a relationship with his supermodel girlfriend, Liberte journeys to Africa to try to resurrect the last bit of his legacy, a found
Author: A.J. Cronin
Set in the north of England at the turn of the century, this novel focuses on the lives and times of the people who lived there, describing the suffering of the miners and the advent of World War I. Other publications by Cronin include "Adventures of a Black Bag", a collection of short stories.
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