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Author: Gerald Durrell
This autobiographical work takes place on the island of Corfu when Durrell was a boy. He was pretty much a wild English boy who ended up with a lot of time on his hands, a lot of rugged land to explore, and as a result, a lot of critter friends the likes of which you wouldn't find at your local pet
I wonder whether passion flowers would look nice on that east wall,’ said mother, looking up from her seed catalogue. ‘They are so pretty. I can imagine the east wall just covered with passion flowers, can’t you?’ ‘We could do with a bit of passion around here,’ said Larry. ‘Just recen
Rosy was delighted. She was, by now, under the firm impression that this was some sort of circus, and that this pandemonium was all part of the act. Trumpeting excitedly, she pursued the terrified pack of hounds round and round, occasionally pausing to pat a maddened horse on the rump with her trunk
Gerald Durrell is among the best-selling authors in English. His adventurous spirit and his spontaneous gift for narrative and anecdote stand out in his accounts of expeditions of Africa and South America in search of rare animals. He divines the characters of these creatures with the same clear, hu