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Author: Scott Adams
Author: Scott Adams
ALWAYS POSTPONE MEETINGS WITH TIME-WASTING MORONS has arrived. It is tempting to compare Adams' work to that of Leonardo daVinci. The differences are striking. Adams displays good jokes and strong character development, whereas daVinci has been skating for years on his ability to do shading. Advanta
Author: Scott Adams
Now in paperback, this is an inside view of bosses, meetings, management fads and other workplace afflictions. Examining bizarre and hilarious situations in the world of work with growing absurdity, Adams reveals the secrets of management, including swearing one's way to the top, selling bad product
Author: Scott Adams
I cried because I did not have an office with a door, until I met a man who had no cubicle.' - Dilbert. Following on from his previous bestselling business books, "The Dilbert Principle" and "The Dilbert Future", Scott Adams applies his acute wit to the workplace and delivers a deceptively perceptiv
Author: Scott Adams
In "The Dilbert Principle" and "Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook", Adams skewered the absurdities of the corporate world. Now he takes the next logical step, turning his keen analytical focus on how human greed, stupidity, and horniness will shape the future. Comic strips throughout.