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Author: Moni Mohsin
"Everyone knows me. All of Lahore , all of Karachi , all of Isloo - oho, baba , Islamabad - half of Dubai, half of London and all of Khan Market and all the nice , nice bearers in Imperial Hotel also ... No ball, no party, no dinner, no coffee morning, no funeral , no GT - Get Together, yaar - is co
Author: Moni Mohsin
Key note: Butterfly is back! After freeing her darling son, Jonkers, from the clutches of his low class, slutty secretary, Aunty Pussy has charged Butterfly with finding him a new wife - a rich, fair, beautiful, old family type, Quickly. But who wants to marry poor, plain, die-vorced Jonkers? As But
Author: Moni Mohsin
The Return of The Butterfly can be considered to be a long monologue by a woman who likes to think of herself as a 'butterfly' because of her carefree nature. She is beautiful, vibrant and almost everyone would like to catch her but her spirit is always soaring higher. She traverses the bo