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Author: Manju Kapur
Nina is a thirty-year-old English lecturer, struggling to make ends meet for herself and her widowed mother. She sees herself as increasingly off the shelf-after all what prospects would an impoverished girl have without a father to marry her off? Then, unexpectedly, a proposal arrives. Ananda is a
Author: Manju Kapur
Tender and funny, Manju Kapur’s third novel is an engrossing story of family life across three generations of Delhi shopkeepers When Nisha – plump, pretty and fair– is born to Sona after many miscarriages and much heartbreak ten years after her marriage, she is a much-desired child, welcome
Author: Manju Kapur
A fast-moving story which makes an ordinary middle class family's life in Delhi extraordinary- quite an acheivement.
In Manju Kapur's emblematic new novel , the seemingly tranquil world of a joint family is coming apart. Banwari Lal, patriarch of a cloth business in the middle class New Delhi nei
Author: Manju Kapur
Raman is a fast rising marketing executive at a global drinks company; Shagun is his extraordinarily beautiful wife. With his glittering future, her vivid beauty, and their two adorable children eight year old Arjun who looks just like her and two year old Roohi who looks just like him the pair appe