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In the fourth book of the legendary series, Tarzan's son, kidnapped by his father's archenemy, escapes and, together with an ape named Akut, learns to survive in the jungles, as his father did before him.
Known around the world, the story of Tarzan, a man raised by apes, led to 25 such books beginning with Tarzan of the Apes (1914).
In the eighth book of the series, Tarzan's trail of revenge leads him into the heart of a tribal war--fought in a region so isolated that even dinosaurs have remained untouched since the dawn of Earth.
In the seventh book of the legendary series, Tarzan tracks his wife's murderers through the jungle to a hidden valley, populated with men so evil that even the Lord of the Jungle, with all his experience with the perils of mankind, never could have imagined.
Your ship sinks, your rescuers are attacked by a hostile German U-boat built by your own family's shipyard, and your fate is inextricably tied to those of your fellow survivors and German adversaries. Then, to make matters infinitely worse, you land on a remote, prehistoric island that was assumed t
The People That Time Forgot
It was supposed to be a standard rescue!

As far as Tom Billings was concerned, all he had to do was set sail for the South Pacific island of Caprona and find the last-known whereabouts of Bowen J Tyler. It sounded so simple.

However, arriving on the is