Book Name: WOOF! WOOF!: The Story Of Burp The Pup

By : Biswadeep Ghosh

Pages :119

Rating :

ISBN :9789380942384

Book Synopsis
Have you ever seen a cocker spaniel write a book? Little boy Burp, a bright young cocker, has done just that. Woof! Woof!, his debut as an author, is an endearing story that begins with Burp's entry in the house of a young couple without kids.&newline;&newline;Burp becomes the son of the house in no time. He plays with his Papa, expects new kinds of food every day, hates it when his parents leave for work, and even uses the family laptop to write his 'autobiography'. He makes too many spelling mistakes. But his Papa makes the corrections so that the book has no spelling errors.&newline;&newline;An intelligent boy, and very naughty too, Burp has a special way of telling stories. Somewhat overconfident, he is sure that everyone will fall in love with his book.

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