Book Name: True Naomi Story

By : a M Goldsher

Pages :320

Series:Little Black Dress

Rating :

ISBN :9780755339921

Book Synopsis
A rock'n'roll story about one girl's journey to stardom, this is a truly addictive novel from a new name that's one to watch. It's every girl's dream: to be catapulted from a boring, everyday existence into a world of fame, riches, adoring fans and critical acclaim. This fabulous and page-turning novel follows the path of the loveable Naomi, from her days waiting tables in New York's East Village, to signing a record deal and playing packed stadium gigs. It's as if one day she woke up to find the dreams she had as a shy, gawky teenager from nerdsville had all come true at once...But stardom isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Soon Naomi's adrift in a world where lovers are players, where friends quickly become enemies, and where you never quite know just who you can trust. Can Naomi learn to play the game of fame before her star comes tumbling down?

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