Book Name: Tolkien: A Biography

By : Michael White

Pages :292

Rating :

ISBN :9780451212429

Book Synopsis
A comprehensive, authoritative, in depth and entertaining biography of one of the greatest and most influential fantasy authors in modern time, J.R.R. Tolkien. <br><br>In this informed an entertaining account, renowned biographer Michael White delves into the little-known life of one of the most treasured and enduring authors of our time, J.R.R. Tolkien. <br><br>In absorbing and revealing detail, White describes Tolkien's life -- from his childhood years and the tragic early death of his parents; his burgeoning romance with Edith Brett; fighting on the front lines in WWII; his many years as an Oxford academic, where the idea of the Hobbit struck him while marking a term paper; to his friendship with C.S. Lewis and the founding of the group "The Inklings"; and why The Lord of the Rings became the most influential book in the late sixties counter-culture, one of the most respected and most-read trilogies ever written, and the center of a major film phenomenon.

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