Book Name: The gospel according to Judas (Benjamin Iscariot)

By : Jeffrey Archer

Pages :101

Rating :

ISBN :9780230529014

Book Synopsis
The very name of 'Judas' raises among Christians an instinctive reaction of criticism and condemnation!The betrayal of Judas remains 'a mystery.' <br> Pope Benedict XVI, October 2006 The Gospel According to Judas, by Benjamin Iscariot sheds new light on the the mystery of Judas including his motives for the betrayal and what happened to him after the crucifixion by retelling the story of Jesus through the eyes of Judas, using the canonical texts as its basic point of reference. Ostensibly written by Judas's son, Benjamin, and following the narrative style of the Gospels, this re-creation is provocative, compelling, and controversial.<br>The Gospel According to Judas, by Benjamin Iscariot is the result of an intense collaboration between a storyteller and a scholar: Jeffrey Archer and Francis J. Moloney. Their brilliant work bold and simple is a compelling story for twenty-first-century readers, while maintaining an authenticity that would be credible to a first-century Christian or Jew.

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