Book Name: Something Wild

By : Patti Berg

Pages :384

Rating :

ISBN :9780380816835

Book Synopsis
Charity Wilde didn't come all the way to Wyoming just to be saddled with some cowboy! The leggy showgirl only wants a quiet time with family before she heads back to Vegas. So why do Mike Flynn's emerald eyes make her knees go weak? Fame is just around the corner -- and Charity wants to be a star...not a rancher's wife!Upright Mike has his own reasons for not wanting to get involved with this Wilde woman. But reason takes a back seat to passion -- and the sparks flying between them are about to start one hell of a blaze! Their life goals are too different for this to work -- unless a showbiz beauty and a sinfully gorgeous cowboy can somehow find another dream that includes them both. Something like...love perhaps?

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