Book Name: Monster lakes

By : Anita Ganeri

Pages :128

Series:Horrible Geography

Rating :

ISBN :9780439963961

Book Synopsis
There's more to lakes than meets the eye, as Monster Lakes reveals...In tried and tested Horrible Geography fashion the reader is taken through the physical geography of the different ways lake form (whether it's from volcanos, plate movement, glaciers or the classic 'oxbow' lakes) and where they occur, to chapters on unique lake wildlife, like flamingoes who are specially adapted to feed on algae. Turning to the human side of things, the book takes a look at lake explorers and their adventures, like Speke, whotumbled across Lake Victoria while looking for the Nile and modern adventurers - many of whom are after lake monsters like Nessie using high-tech sonar equipment. Plus of course there's info about why lakes are in danger - either of being drained dry for drinking water, or polluted by sewage and industrial waste, and what we can do to save them.

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