Book Name: Molly Moons Hypnotic Time Travel Adventu

By : Georgia Byng

Pages :368

Series:Molly Moon

Rating :

ISBN :9780330434614

Book Synopsis
Having perfected her hypnotic technique and defeated her villainous uncle in Molly Moon Stops the World (HarperCollins, 2004), the protagonist is caught completely unaware when a stranger kidnaps her beloved pug, Petula. It isn't long before Molly follows the pet backwards in time to 1870 India. There, she meets the repulsive Maharaja of Waqt, a spoonerism-loving cad who collects time-traveling crystals. Seeing Molly as an obstacle to his plans, he sets about kidnapping her at ages ten, six, and three, and as a baby. Now she must rescue her former selves and find a way to defeat Waqt, all while navigating some tricky time travel and taking care not to change anything in the past that would significantly alter the future. Byng plays fast and loose with her time-travel rules, often contradicting herself and making up explanations for problems encountered along the way.

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