Book Name: Lazaro's Revenge

By : Jane Porter

Pages :186

Rating :

ISBN :9780263829310

Book Synopsis
Lazaro's revenge (bk.2-The Galvan brides mini-series) is set a couple of years after "In Dante's debt. Lazaro is the illegitimate son of Tino & brother of Dante. Lazaro has been secretly working to destroy Dante because of the way his mother & himself was treated by the aristocratic Galvan's. He succeds but at a cost. Zoe, Daisy's sister who is Dante's wife is kidnapped by Lazaro at Dante's request because of her relationship with an older man. While she is with him Lazaro is about to take over Dante's company. Lazaro has worked for Dante for years, plotting his revenge. Daisy is near the end of her 3rdp pregnancy, the previous 2 babies died when the take-over begins. Daisy is rushed to hospital & delivers the baby. The situation is very frought with tension as Dante & Lazaro come face to face. Daisy nearly died. Daisy & Zoe's mother died in childbirth when Zoe was born. Zoe finds herself in an imposible situation, loving the man who is out to destroy her family. Zoe marries Lazaro to save Dante & Daisy. The take-over is turned into a merger. But even that doesn't put things right. Daisy disowns Zoe when she marries Lazaro. To her family is everything. How can things ever be right between the 2 brother s & sisters again. It will need a miracle...

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