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 Horrible Histories!
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The Vicious Vikings
Why some vicious Vikings had names like Fat-thighs, Oaf and Stinking? How to build a vicious Viking longboat? Which vicious Viking god dressed up as a woman? This work helps you join Rattus Rattus and the gang for the funniest, fastest, nastiest and daftest ride through history you're ever likely to...
Angry Aztecs
Author : Terry Deary
Previous ed.: London: Hippo, 1997.The foulest facts about the people whose idea of fun was ripping out human hearts, and the gory details on the incredible empire that was brought down by 260 Spanish invaders and a few germs......
The barmy British empire
Author : Terry Deary
It's history with the nasty bits left in! Want to know: How a war started when a Brit insisted on sitting on a stool? Who wore a necklace made of 50 human skulls? Why a Brit soldier used his own coffin as a wardrobe? Discover all the foul facts about the Barmy British Empire - all the gore and more!...
The Cut-throat Celts
Author : Terry Deary
The ghastly truth about the wild warrior race who weren't afraid to fight the Romans. The book includes stories about suffering saints, gruesome games for Celtic kids, and the dreadful Druids with their strange sacrifices and terrible trials....
The Savage Stone Age (Horrible Histories)
Author : Terry Deary
Read on for incredible information on nasty Neanderthals, awesome archaeologists and curious cave paintings. Find out about the truth of Stonehenge and what suffering scientists do with Stone Age poo....