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To Sir With Love
Author : ER Braithwaite
The modern classic about a dedicated teacher in a tough London school who slowly and painfully breaks down the barriers of racial prejudice. It is the story of a man's own integrity winning through against the odds....
Agnes Grey
Author : Anne Bronte
Pierre and Jean and Selected Short Stories
Collects nineteen short stories, the novel Pierre and Jean, and the novelette The Roque Girl in a selection that exhibits Maupassant's mastery of psychological realism. Reprint....
Peter Pan
Author : J.M. Barrie
The Darling children, while drifting off to sleep, have often spoken to their mother of Peter Pan but she never quite understands. That is, until the night that the mischievous imp and his companion fairy, Tinker Bell, return to the Darling house to find his lost shadow. It is here that the Darling ...