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Is That It
Author : Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof formed Band Aid, orchestrated Live Aid, rallied the forces of rock performers all over the world and inspired millions to raise millions for the starving in Africa. But the song and dance about Geldof is not restricted to best-selling money-raising records and concerts: it is meeting the ...
Goddess : The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe
She was born Norma Jeane but the world knew and loved her as Marilyn. Her life was one of unprecedented fame and private misery, her death a tragedy surrounded by mysteries. Drawing on first-hand interviews Anthony Summers offers both a classic biography and a shockingly revealing account of the scr...
Florence Nightingale, 1820-1910
Draws on research by army historians to describe the cover-up of disastrous events in the Crimea, and to seperate Nightingale's real achievments from her mythical ones....
Lucknow Boy: A Memoir
Author : Vinod Mehta
Sharp, insightful, shocking, delightful ... in this sparkling memoir, Vinod Mehta, Indiaís most independent, principled and irreverent editor finally tells his own story!

Itís an extraordinary story. Mehta grew up as an insouciant army brat from a Punjabi refugee family, in the syncretic cult...