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The Adventure of the Missing Detective: And 19 of the Year's Finest Crime and Mystery
Author : Ed Gorman
From traditional mystery stories with devious doings and a plot full of clues to terse thrillers with edge-of-the-seat climaxes to the nail-biting tale of psychological suspense, no field of popular fiction can match contemporary crime writing in diversity, excitement, cunning, or satisfaction. In t...
Child of a Dream : Alexander I
Book I
Before his birth, omens foretold that Alexander, son of the warrior-king Philip of Macedonia, was destined for greatness. From boyhood, the prince was trained by the finest scholars and mightiest soldiers to attain extraordinary strength of body and spirit. A descendant of Heracles and Ach...
The ends of the Earth : Alexander III
All his life, Alexander defied the limits the gods gave mortals. That passion overwhelmed cities and armies...and united a vast empire. Alexander was no longer simply King of Macedonia: The Pan-Hellenic League had named him Supreme Leader. Egypt crowned him Pharaoh. And all Persia acknowledged him a...
The sands of Ammon : Alexander II

A thousand years after Agamemnon fought the Trojan War. Alexander, the king of Macedonia and descendant of Achilles, follows in the footsteps of Greek legend . He has gathered a mighty force to liberate the Greek cities of Asia -- from legendary Sardis ...
The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need
Author : Daniel H. Pink
Thereas never been a career guide like THE ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY BUNKO: THE LAST CAREER GUIDE YOU'LL EVER NEED. Told in manga a the Japanese comic book format thatas an international sensation a itas the fully illustrated story of a young Everyman just out of college who lands his first job.
Dirk Pitt revealed
Author : Clive Cussler
With nearly 100 million copies of his bestselling books in print, Clive Cussler is an extraordinary author whose life parallels that of his fictional hero, DIRK PITT. Whether searching for famous shipwrecks or cruising in classic cars from his private collection, Cussler's spirit feeds the soul of D...
The double tap
The assassin -- the world's most successful contract killer. An anonymous professional with a unique calling card -- one bullet in the head and one in the chest for each of his targets. The Judas goat -- an ex-member of the SAS, Mike Cramer is the perfect sacrificial bait. When the FBI discover the ...
The Adventures of Tintin - Collection 2
Author : Herge
Tintin in America ;
Cigars of the pharoahs ;
The Blue Lotus...
Captain Alatriste
The first in a magnificent series of historical novels from the acclaimed, bestselling author of The Club Dumas and The Queen of the South

The novels of Arturo Perez-Reverte have captivated readers around the world and earned him a reputation as "the master of the intellectual thriller" (Chic...
Purity of Blood
The second swashbuckling adventure in the internationally acclaimed Captain Alatriste series

Captain Alatriste, Madrid's most charismatic swashbuckler, returns in P'erez-Reverte's acclaimed international bestseller. The fearless Alatriste is hired to infiltrate a convent and rescue a young gi...