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The Adventures of Tintin-Volume 3
Author : Herge
- The Broken Ear
- The Black Island
- King Ottokar's Sceptre
The Adventures of Tintin-Volume 2
Author : Herge
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Whether he's trolling the high seas for treasure or blasting off for the moon, young reporter-sleuth Tintin and his faithful dog, Snowy, have delighted readers everywhere for generations with their timeless adventures. Join Tintin and Snowy as they tackle the toughest mysteries...
The Adventures of Tintin-Volume 1
Author : Herge
- Tintin in the Congo
- Tintin in the Land of the Soviets...
Molly Moons Hypnotic Time Travel Adventu
Author : Georgia Byng
Having perfected her hypnotic technique and defeated her villainous uncle in Molly Moon Stops the World (HarperCollins, 2004), the protagonist is caught completely unaware when a stranger kidnaps her beloved pug, Petula. It isn't long before Molly follows the pet backwards in time to 1870 India. The...
Famous Five Go Adventuring Again
Author : Enid Blyton
There's a thief at Kirrin Cottage! The Famous Five think they know who it is but they need to prove it! Where can they find evidence? The discovery of an old map and a very unusual hiding place may help them get to the bottom of the mystery....
The adventures of Shikari Shambu
Author : Anant Pai
A collection of your favourite stories about Shikari Shambu, the bumbling but lovable jungle explorer, in comic book format. Packed with puzzles and activities, colouring pages, craft ideas and a special introductory note about how this iconic character was created, this full-colour issue is 72 page...
The Adventures of Suppandi
Author : Anant Pai
A 72-page collection of hilarious tales about Tinkle's best-loved comic character - Suppandi, the goof, whose antics leave his bosses bothered and bewildered. Packed with puzzles and activities, colouring pages and craft ideas as well as a special introductory note about the origins of this iconic c...
Son of Tarzan
In the fourth book of the legendary series, Tarzan's son, kidnapped by his father's archenemy, escapes and, together with an ape named Akut, learns to survive in the jungles, as his father did before him....
Tarzan and the Lost Empire (Tarzan Novels, No. 12)
Known around the world, the story of Tarzan, a man raised by apes, led to 25 such books beginning with Tarzan of the Apes (1914)....