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The Impossible Virgin
Their fifth caper is fast and furious and takes them to France and Rwanda, where Modesty and Willie have to fend off professional killers, maddened gorillas, savage warriors and the ferocious guardians of The Impossible Virginů...
The Silver Mistress
Sir Gerald Tarrant, Chief of Intelligence, has vanished and everyone is writing him off as dead. Everyone, that is, but Modesty and Willie Garvin. They've discovered something in Macao that tells them Tarrant is alive, but his time is running out!

This seventh book sees them follow a trail of...
The Xanadu Talisman
El Mico is the power behind every major crime along the Mediterranean coast. Yet he seems to have no real existence.

When Modesty Blaise sets out to fulfil the wishes of a dying man, El Mico watches her every move because he believes she can lead him to a prize of immeasurable value.

Killing Floor
Author : Lee Child
From its chilling opening page, you know all is not well in Margrave, Georgia. The sleepy, forgotten town hasn't seen a crime in decades, but within the span of three days it witnesses events that leave everyone stunned. An unidentified man is found beaten and shot to death on a lonely country road....
Author : Lee Child
Jack Reachers anonymity in Key West is shattered by an investigator who has come looking for him. But only hours after his arrival, the stranger is murdered. Tracking the PIs trail back to New York City, Jack is compelled to find out whos looking for him and why......
Without Fail
Author : Lee Child
Skilled and unknown, Jack Reacher is the perfect man to assassinate the vice president of the United States--in theory. Hired by the VP's Secret Service security detail, it's Reacher's job to find holes in the system before a group of assassins do....
Treasure of Khan
Author : Clive Cussler
Genghis Khan -- the greatest conqueror of all time, who at his peak ruled an empire four times the size of Alexander the Great's, a vast expanse which stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea. And now somebody wants it back. Dirk Pitt and the NUMA crew are about to come head to head with ...
Dr No
Author : Ian Fleming
Dr. No, a sinister recluse with mechanical pincers for hands and a sadistic fascination with pain, holds James Bond firmly in his steely grasp. Bond and Honey Rider, his beautiful and vulnerable girl Friday, have been captured trespassing on Dr. No's secluded Caribbean island. Intent on protecting h...
For Your Eyes Only
Author : Ian Fleming
Sudden emergencies and beautiful girls who aren't quite what they seem are the stock-in-trade of James Bond. And, when 007 is on the case there's only one thing you can be sure of the result will be thrilling. And, whether he's dealing with the assassination of a Cuban thug in America, the destructi...