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Author : Len Deighton
Now on the shadowy East-West battlefield of Mexico City. British intelligence agent Bernard Samson must entice his opposite number, a disaffected KGB major, to take the final, dramatic step -- and defect.

But the price of one Russian's freedom must be paid in blood -- blood that Samson unexpe...
Author : Len Deighton
The first novel of the trilogy introducing Bernard Samson and the rest of the bickering, in-fighting intelligence community in which he is a much put-upon member. After five years of desk work, Bernie finds himself ordered back into the field....
How does an international gang commit murder by natural causes? How are ransoms collected without a trace from under the sea? Modesty and Willie plunge into a startling conflict with new, sinister opponents in their third caper

Lucifer, whose world is fantasy and whose paranormal ability to ...
The night of the morningstar
Only one thing is known for sure about The Watchmen they're dangerous. Professional, far-ranging and lethal. A firing squad assassination at the Turkish Embassy in Madrid, the demolition of a dam in Utah and a nuclear plant in Haute Savoie, the kidnap and execution of a Soviet general in Cracow.
Last day in limbo
Somebody wanted Modesty Blaise in a big way big enough to set up a very expensive kidnap operation.

Meanwhile Willie was setting up a needle match with the Paxero outfit who'd messed up his lady friend with their kinky sex.

And it was Paxero's crazy aunt who wanted Modesty as a slave f...
A taste for death
n their fourth adventure, a blitzkrieg of action sweeps Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin from the underworld of Panama to the hot sands of the Sahara as they tangle with enemies old and new.
Gabriel:who needs Dinah, beautiful but blind, to trace the treasure of Domitian Mus, Tribune of Rome.
Raise the Titanic
Author : Clive Cussler
Mightiest of ocean liners, the Titanic lies two-and-a-half miles down in the North Atlantic. And in her hold - perhaps the only amount anywhere of an incredibly rare substance that could make the free world invulnerable to foreign attack forever! The Americans want it. So do the Russians. And the se...
Author : Len Deighton
The third volume in Deighton's hitherto stunning spy series (Spy Line, 1988; Spy Hook, 1989) - but not a sequel. Rather, this gray-spirited entry serves as a kind of dramatic annotation to the earlier volumes - and, peripherally, to Deighton's Berlin Game/Mexico Set/London Match trilogy as well - re...
Deep Six
Author : Clive Cussler
The President disappears from his yacht just as poison is released into the ocean. Dirk Pitt must save the government, its leader--and seize personal revenge....
Author : Len Deighton
British agent Bernard Samson is suffering the consequences of having meddled when he was instructed to steer clear. Now he is on the run from an arrest warrant issued by his own Secret Service--naming him a traitor....