Book Name: Above Average

By : Amitabha Bagchi

Pages :250

Rating :

ISBN :9788172236533

Book Synopsis
Above Average is the story of a middle-class Delhi boy with an aptitude for science and math but a yearning to be the drummer of a rock band. Both of which necessitate his admission to the premier engineering college of India: IIT. So, in keeping with his high grades and all that is expected of him, Arindam effortlessly graduates from being a colony kid to being amongst an elite bunch of techies, the best of science graduates from around the country whose lives revolve around rarefied mathematical truths and the more immediate pleasures of the IIT Rock Fest. But, even as he drifts unquestioningly down the path laid out for him, a few stray incidents and some less lucky people make Arindam pull up short and reassess his life's direction.

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